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-Advice on Grants & Loans 

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-Tax Advice

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Cloud 9 Club
Join Cloud 9 Club, you will get whatever you choose from these: introduced to our network of 6000 LinkedIn connections, new potential clients, accounting & bookkeeping help and advice for those who need it, ask any business question, employment, tax question, copywriting articles (copy and write for your marketing), tax updates...
“We found a good reliable bookkeeper who is now on the team! Her name is Martina, she and her team are doing an absolute fabulous job.”

Marta Halasz
“I have really enjoyed working with Cloud 9 Accounting Team. They are supper efficient and I love that! I do look forward to continue our cooperation with them as I do want us to make my business dynamite…”

Dave Hume
“For the first time our books are done properly. Thank you for the good service!”

Bertalan Bez H
  • is a supporting group for businesses and employees
  • is backed up with Cloud 9 Accounting Team practice and other UK tax advisers
  • provides not only usual accounting, tax, bookkeeping advises for those who need it
  • but also sends potential clients to your business every month via our already well-known Proof Of Introduction Email service
Cloud 9 Club
– 1*) Unique Content available exclusively to our subscribers .This content will include: information and advice on current tax, business, employment matters and ideas - at least 3 new high valuable tax articles per month will be published by our accounting team and posted only into this group + business and employment ideas/advises posted every so often – all this is to help you if you need financial support now

– 2*) Opportunity to get New Clients – We will introduce you monthly to 3 of our network connections - a screenshot confirming introduction will be sent by email , we are a dedicated and hardworking team and take this task very seriously 

– 3*) Unique Copywriting articles - new ones available each month – each month we post new articles in our Members Lounge Area - these are for those who do not need accountant but need some leads, tax articles for their website/marketing – join here and get your unique tax content (copy and paste, ask for sample today)

– 4*) Accounting & Bookkeeping advice – we will try to answer on any accounting and bookkeeping related question, if you are usually preparing your bookkeeping and accounting yourself and you are not quite sure with something, do not hesitate to contact us

– 5*) Place to Ask any Tax, Business and Employment related Question -this can be sent straight to group timeline or as a private message, we guarantee one question to be answered once per month to the same subscriber – sent to us by private message, however we will try to answer all questions asked

– 6*) Possibility to Chat with like-minded Members

All for £6.5/month now (unsubscribing available anytime). 
Price will go up soon. 
If you sign up now you will never pay more for the rest of membership.
Grab your opportunity now to have your own accountant and business adviser for discounted price!

This is "one-month rolling subscription", it means that it doesn't have a specific end date, so it'll 'roll on' unless you tell us you want it to stop. It's really easy to cancel and all we need is one day notice. To cancel it you will use link provided - Unsubcribing link.
We reserve the right to change price of this product in the future. When we change the price we reserve the right to cancel existing subscriptions (if needed from our site) and request subscription renewal.
We reserve right to not refund back payments already made.

Join here like minded community members creating something special together.
After subscribing you will have opportunity to join our private LinkedIn or Facebook group (according to your preferences) where you will be provided with above mentioned content. Also you will be able to ask questions through platform messaging system there or to email us directly. We will be emailing you directly proof of clients introduction every month.

Tax articles will be orientated to UK tax and backed up
with UK tax experts. We will try to answer other countries tax questions as well though. 

In the meantime other worldwide members will be still able to
benefit from the rest of valuable content and service.